Retirement Planning Tool


Thinking about retiring soon or just curious about your options for the future? Our Retirement Planning Tool can help you understand the choices available to you and the steps you might need to take to secure the future lifestyle you want.

Use it if you’re…

  • Approaching or thinking about retirement.
  • Still a way off but want to explore your options – a little upfront planning goes a long way!

For the best experience, we recommend using the Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge browser. Older browsers such as Internet Explorer might not support pieces of functionality required to progress through the tool.

Simply click ‘Start’ and you’ll be presented with a series of questions designed to get you thinking about the future lifestyle you want and how you might take your benefits and savings. We’ll ask you some questions about your current savings and what options you’d like to take in the future.

Information boxes will pop up to help you answer these questions and resources will appear to let you know where you can find extra information. You can ‘tick’ and save the resources you’re interested in and at the end we’ll give you a list for future reading.

Some resources might appear more than once throughout the tool but you only need to click the ‘Save for later’ checkbox once for these to be stored. If you are unsure about what resources you have saved you can always use the ‘Saved Resources’ tab at the bottom of the page window to see which ones have already been ticked.

Please Note:

We can’t give you advice on what option is best for you, but our Retirement Planning Tool will help you understand your options and plan for your future. Everyone’s circumstances are different so it’s important to seek financial advice if you’d like further support or aren’t quite sure what’s best for you.

This tool is useful for everyone considering normal, early, late or flexible retirement. It won’t be right for those looking to retire early due to ill health or redundancy. Visit our retiring page for more information on these.

As this guide is focused on retirement, it doesn’t cover your options when taking your Investment Builder savings independently, before or after you retire. Read about cash payments, if you want to take some or all of your Investment Builder savings before or after you retire.